Wednesday Swim Session - Technique and Conditioning
  Wednesday 24th July
  19:00 - 20:00
  Energise Leisure Centre
  17 places remaining
Christine Bates
Primary Organiser
Event Organisers
Christine Bates

Wednesday swim sessions will continue to take the time to look at where and how you can develop your swim technique, as well as increase your swim fitness, in order to develop your overall efficiency and speed as we go into race season.

These are coached sessions where you will be working with a set of technical drills, as well as front crawl reps at differing efforts and distances to facilitate your development.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of the session and meet poolside.

Please bring your own fins, hand paddles, kickboards, and pull buoys if you have them and remember to bring your own water bottle. Swimming still needs hydration.

Lockers are available at 20p each, and non-refundable.

If it is your first time please let the coach know who will be able to explain the session to you and help you to decide which lane would best suit your ability.

Please ensure if there are any changes to your health/medical form - that you let your coaches/session leader know ahead of the session and please only attend if you are fit and well.

In attending this session you are expected to engage in accordance with York Triathlon Club''s policies and practices.

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