• Free Taster Sessions

  • Registering for FREE taster sessions

    You are welcome to come along and try a few sessions before deciding whether or not to join us (We hope that you do!).

    To book your free taster session(s) you will need to register on our myClubhouse booking portal

    You will find our session timetable here: Events Calendar

    How to register for free taster sessions:
    - Click here to open the registration form.
    - Complete the mandatory fields to create an account.
    - Under Membership Requirements select Temporary Adult Membership
    - Complete the rest of the questions.

    - Once you have completed registration go back to the Events Calendar and you should see that your account has been credited with 12 tokens (see the number next to your name when you are logged in) which will allow you to book up to 2 paid training sessions.

    - Book the sessions you want to attend, see the joining details on the session, turn up, have a great time! (note some sessions are booked in blocks but email info@yorktriclub.co.uk as there may be spaces available)

    If you have any questions, please email info@yorktriclub.co.uk or use our contact form here

    We hope that you enjoy your taster sessions and will want to join us afterwards!

    If you choose to become a full member head back over to the registration form
    You can follow the registration process using your existing account but his time choosing the Full Adult membership option.

  • Membership

  • How much does membership cost?

    Membership currently costs £45 per year and runs from April 1st to March 31st.
    Discounted rates may apply if joining later in the year.

  • I'm completely new to triathlon - can I still join and will your sessions be suitable for me?

    Yes! We aim to be as inclusive as possible with our sessions! Everyone has to start somewhere and you will be welcomed with open arms.

  • I'm only interested in one discipline - not triathlon, can I still join?

    Certainly! Whilst triathletes make up the bulk of our numbers we have plenty who just attend swim sessions and the same goes for cycling and running. You can mix it up however you choose!

  • Is there a minimum age for membership?

    All new members must be 18 years or over on the date membership commences.
    Unfortunately we are unable to offer junior membership at this time.

  • What do membership fees pay for?

    Various things! It keeps the Club running - paying for affiliations to British Triathlon, discounts on EA membership. investment in coaching, digital services such as MyClubhouse amongst other things. We want to keep being part of a club as affordable as possible and we only charge for sessions that cost the club money, such as spin and lane hire for swimming.

  • Do I need England Athletics membership?

    Not at all. We are registered with England Athletics as a club so we can offer EA membership as an additional add on. If you are keen to take part in PECO XC running league and/or the York And District Road Race League then you will need EA membership to participate. If you are a member of another EA registered club, we can be down as a second claim club - so you do not need another EA membership.

  • Does membership to York Triathlon Club include membership to British Triathlon?

    No. Your membership of the club is solely for the Club and does not give membership to British Triathlon Federation (BTF). You do not need to be a member of British Triathlon in order to join the club, nor do you need it to race - you will need to buy a one day race licence through the race organiser for this so for some people, joining BTF is not always worth it. BTF offer various membership packages which can be accessed here with various benefits.

  • Do I have to buy / wear club kit?

    Not at all! We have some fantastic club kit available but it is completely optional. The only exception to the rule is if you choose to participate in either the PECO XC running league or the York And District Road Race League as it’s a requirement of these leagues to race wearing a club branded running singlet/shirt.

  • How do I purchase club kit?

    We open 2-3 ordering windows for club kit each year and all members are notified via email. You’ll be given access to the Champion Systems portal where you can browse available kit and place an order. The final bulk order is placed for everyone when the window closes.

  • Swim Sessions

  • Is there a minimum ability/fitness needed to attend club sessions?

    New swimmers are welcome regardless of fitness, all we ask is that you are able to swim a minimum of 50 metres front crawl unaided. We are unable to provide swimming lessons but we do provide feedback to improve your technique, speed and efficiency!

  • What is the benefit of club swim sessions over just heading to the pool myself?

    There’s numerous benefits. For starters we hire out 3 full lanes for club use only so you don’t have to deal with the congestion/frustration of public swim sessions. We also provide structured sets for each lane and coaching feedback on technique. You can swim with like-minded people and use tools/learn skills that only a club session can typically provide!

  • What do I wear?

    Any sports swimsuit or trunks/shorts will be fine! We’d recommend wearing jammers over baggy shorts however as you’ll go faster! You’ll also need some goggles.

  • Do I need to wear a swim cap?

    No, most people do but some don’t, the choice is yours!

  • Do you practice any strokes other than Front Crawl?

    Our sessions are designed to develop fast and efficient triathlon freestyle so front crawl is the only stroke we practice, we do however perform plenty of drill work and kick drills - If you are new to these it will all be explained on the night!

  • Do I need to be able to flip-turn?

    Not at all, some of the more experienced swimmers do but most don’t.

  • Do I need any special kit

    If you’re just starting out then you certainly don’t need to turn up with all the kit. If you decide to keep coming then ideally you’ll need a pull buoy, swimfins, kickboard and some paddles which are all relatively inexpensive items.

  • Do I have to pay for swimming?

    Yes, swim sessions are currently priced at £6 per session which covers the cost of the club hiring 3 lanes. Payment is quick and easy when booking your session(s) via our clubhouse portal.

  • Bike Sessions

  • What sort of bike do I need?

    Ideally you’ll want a road bike, or a bike that is more suited to the road. It’s certainly not a requirement though as our ‘Green’ rides cater for all abilities/speeds. For Amber/Red graded rides a road bike becomes a strong recommendation unless you’ve got the legs of a pro track cyclist!

  • Do I need a helmet?

    Absolutely, no helmet-no ride. It’s not just an insurance thing, it’s a common sense thing.

  • Do I need lights?

    Not normally for daytime sessions, although feel free to use them anyway. If there is a requirement for lights to be used this will be listed in the event description.
    If you want to participate in the annual time trial league then lights must be used as per CTT rules.

  • Do I need to bring spares, a pump etc?

    For all group rides it’s good practice to arrive self-sufficient, so carrying a pump, spare tube and an appropriate tools is a good place to start. There will however be friendly help on hand and you’ll never be left alone.

  • Do I need a time trial bike to take part in the annual time trial league?

    Not at all! Plenty of members choose to participate on road bikes.

  • Do I have to pay for bike sessions?

    Most bike sessions are free unless there’s a cost incurred for track/studio hire (for spinning). All our group rides are ridden out on public roads and are completely free, you will however need to pay for your own coffee/tea/cake in the event of a cafe stop on a more social outing!

  • Run Sessions

  • Is there a minimum ability/fitness needed to attend club sessions?

    You don’t have to be ‘fit’ or a ‘good runner’ before you start coming down, that’s the point of the sessions! Some sessions may be more suitable than others for beginners such as ‘Couch to 5k’ or track sessions which are both coached and lapped meaning you can run at your own pace and never be far away from friends!

  • What do I wear?

    You should wear whatever you are comfortable running in there’s no right or wrong answer. We would advise clothing that’s breathable however and you should consider layering up weather dependent.

  • Do I need proper running shoes?

    You can wear whatever is comfortable to run in but in order to maximise comfort and minimise injury we’d certainly recommend a properly fitted pair of running shoes that offer appropriate support for your gait. Free gait analysis is available at up and running on Colliergate, York and YTC members get 10% discount on shoes!

  • Do I need a running watch / GPS tracker?

    Not at all! Whilst many members do it’s certainly not a requirement of our sessions.

  • Do I have to pay for run sessions?

    Most run sessions are completely free unless they incur the cost of track hire. Any applicable costs will be listed in the event description.

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